How to purchase and install ProductionLink:
  1. You do need to have Avid Interplay Web Services installed somewhere in your network.
  2. Go to the Diaquest web store here.
  3. Browse the product line and features.
  4. Choose your product.
  5. Purchase ProductionLink for Scratch.
  6. After you purchase ProductionLink you will get a link to download the installer.
  7. Create an account.
    You will need the account to check your order and add more later.
  8. You should download and run the installer. You can download PC or Mac or both.
  9. Select a Node or "Add Single Output"
  10. Press the special play button to get into the Node.
  11. Press Insert
  12. Select the Diaquest ProductionLink SPA plug-in called Avid Interplay
  13. For PC, Back in the Node press Interplay Configuration

    For Mac set a range and then press "Process Range"
  14. You are in Demo mode (details at left link).
    For PC you will see this after you press Preferences:

    For Macintosh you will see this after you press the gear (lower left):
  15. If you are only using Demo Mode you can leave it checked and press OK as you are done.

  16. If for some reason you failed and simply get a render with errors you need to reset your node and afterward repeat the above steps.
    Click here for instructions about how to reset your node.
  17. On the Mac press the gear button. On the PC press the Preferences button.
  18. In the Preferences dialog you will be presented with a "Board Number" or "Hardware ID".
  19. Log back in to your account at the Diaquest store.
  20. Check out a license using your board number.
  21. You will be given an Authentication Key.
  22. Go back into the Scratch Construct Node and
    press "Interplay Configuration" on the PC

    or on the Mac:
    set a range and press "Process Range".
      In the ProductionLink dialog press the gear (lower left).
  23. Enter that key in the license field in your Preferences dialog.
  24. Uncheck Demo Mode. (if checked)
  25. You must also enter your Interplay User Name, Password, Workgroup and Interplay IP.
  26. The Interplay IP should end with the port number separated by a colon.
  27. A typical Interplay IP is
  28. You are now ready to use ProductionLink
    Click here for a Walk Through outlining workflow.

  29. If for some reason you failed and simply get a render with errors you need to reset your node and repeat the above steps.
  30. Press Shot Config (lower left) to get the Shot Config settings.
  31. Verify your settings and make sure that you see Browse.
  32. If you see Bin All instead of Browse, then click Bin All and save and OK at right and OK.
  33. Now click FX Ctrls to get back to the Interplay buttons.
    Click here for instructions on how to redo your authorization.